Choosing the best varietals in the countries of origin

This basically consists in selecting the best varietals and qualities of coffee prioritizing on the reliability of the producer we choose to work with, and the continuity of quality and supply they can guarantee.

Importation, customs clearance, and warehousing

We closely follow all the importation operations, from pre-shipment inspection to the unloading of the container at the port of Trieste for customs inspection, and carefully control and monitor the customs clearance operations carried out by our importers: from physically inspecting the products, to checking the correctness and completeness of the accompanying documents. We then check the conformity of the coffee that arrives at our warehouse with the accompanying documents and carefully file them so they are readily available as a guarantee to what we offer our customers.

Quality control

Once we receive a sample, it undergoes our thorough visual check to evaluate whether it conforms to the quality standards required from each place of origin.

Coffee Bean Grading

Each lot of coffee is graded by sorting the green beans over screens with different sized holes, expressed in 64ths of an inch, which determine the size of the beans.

Roasting and Coffee Cupping

Roasting a sample of every quality of coffee allows us to monitor how the coffee develops once roasted and how it will display all its best characteristics in terms of aromas and flavours. With the “cupping test” the coffee is tasted by a panel of qualified coffee tasters who evaluate the physical appearance (creamy), the aroma (intense, finesse), the flavour (consistency tartness, balance, aftertaste, body, etc.) and the various aromas that determine the flavour profile of the coffee

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