Our new micro-lot from Colombia

CoffeeTree Specialty’s coffee

Nohora Sepulveda is the name of the Colombian grower from Algeciras (Huila region) and of our new specialty coffee micro-lot with SCA score over 90 points. It is a natural coffee which is fermented anaerobically for 100 hours directly in the bags, after drying.

This coffee available only in 15 bags of 35 kg, is grown thanks to Nohora’s experience for over 60 years in the plantation on the mountain of Huila, a region of Colombia.

Doña Nohora is a 72-year-old coffee farmer who lived in Algeciras on her farm since 60 years and has always been involved in the cultivation of coffee. For many years she looked at coffee only as a way to increase his family’s income. In recent years, his son Edwin has increased his skill and learned a lot about the different coffee processing method and has focused in particular on specialty coffees

Doña Nora, seeing that her son generated more income from the cultivation of specialty coffees, became very interested and chose to follow training courses on the subject to improve her skills too. Nowadays she works as his son with natural coffees and with amazing results in coffee processing.

This micro-lot has been fermented anaerobically in GrainPro bags for 100 hours, which takes place at a controlled temperature, and which allows the development of flavors. Then the bags are opened and the cherries are dried for 5 days, with a stop for 24 hours and continuation of drying for another 22 days.

Negli assaggi nel nostro laboratorio  abbiamo notato in tazza un intenso aroma di cioccolato al  latte, pesca e zucchero di canna, note che ritroviamo nel retrogusto.

Species Coffea Arabica
Variety Castillo
Region Huila 
Altitude 1.750 mt
Milling process sundried 
Processing method anaerobic fermentation for more than 100 hours 
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