Spirit of India

Plantation AA

CoffeeTree Specialty’s Coffee

This particular coffee is harvested with picking of ripe cherries. The washing is carried out immediately after harvest and the coffee is dried on large farmyards.

In the center of Hassan, Arabica coffee comes partly dried cherry but mostly in parchment and most is washed, like “Spirit of India”, a special coffee produced for CoffeeTree.

On the Arabica coffee (Plantation AA) the cleaning is done by hand. Lying in a large shed, coffee is selected manually, grain by grain. For “Spirit of India”, a special selection “ZERO DEFETTI” is carried out. This means a maximum daily selection which gives, as a result, only 25 kg per person.

To give you an idea of ​​this extreme accuracy, we remind you that a standard manual selection allows the processing of 75-100 kg of coffee per person per day.

The result? A special coffee with very refined cup notes, a composite aroma with distinct characteristics that refer to honey, vanilla and cocoa; the body is balanced, elegant, of medium intensity; the taste is sweet, full, supported by a pleasant acidity and pleasantly spicy citrus notes; the aftertaste, finish, shows a rather pronounced taste of dark chocolate in a rather pronounced way.

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