Black Paraiso

Santo Domingo Barahona AA

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The Dominican government has established 7 distinct coffee growing areas, each with its own microclimate, which results in an array of different aromatic and flavour profiles. These areas are: Gibao, Barahona, Noroeste, Neyba, Sierra Sur, Sierra Occidental e Sierra Central.

The coffee that grows at the higher altitudes in the Barahona region, is considered one of the best specialty coffees in San Domingo, and offers a rich flavour and a sharp tartness. The Coffee from Barahona compares to the premium coffee from Jamaica.

The best Dominican varietals of coffee are picked as soon as the coffee berries are ripe and then dried on racks placed on the terraced hillsides. Most coffee plantations in the Dominican Republic are rather small in size and most of the coffee is grown organically, next to and under fir, guava, and macadamia trees.

The coffee beans have a distinctive flavour thanks to the limey granite soils of the mountain slopes. Black Paraiso is creamy and displays a full body, with aromas of cocoa and tobacco and hints of nuts and almonds.

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